Monday, May 11, 2015

New Painting

Cayucos, Oil 20x20. This is a painting done with a lot of texture and pallet work. The painting comes from a picture I took when driving south on hwy 1 in California to San Lusi Obispo. Great skys that day.

Friday, July 18, 2014

50/50 Half Way There

Number 17 Oil 6x6

The Bridge, Oil 6x6

Wadell Creek Hwy 1, Oil 6x6

Far Out, Oil 6x6

Friday, July 4, 2014

50 Paintings in 50 Days

Number 13, 6x6 Oil

Farmland, 6x6 Oil done with pallet knife

Number 22, 6x6 Oil

Coit, 6x6 Oil

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

6th Annual 50/50 Show

Number 9, Line Farm, 6x6 Oil

Number 10, Guard Dog, 6x6 Oil

Number 11, Santa Barbara at Dusk, 6x6 Oil

Number 12, 6x6 Oil

50/50 More for the Show

Number 5, Baily Road, 6x6 Oil

Number 6, Ano Nuevo Path, 6x6 Oil

Number 7, Farm of off Hwy 1, 6x6 Oil

Number 8, 6x6 Oil

50/50 Paintings for August 22 Show

Number 1 6x6 Oil
These are for the Sanchez Art Centers show in August. 50 small artworks by 69 artists in 50 days. These are all oils done on 6x6 wood panels that are primed with black gesso. These are images of California Landscapes. Some from photos given to me or ones I have taken, some from my head, some more abstract then others. I have not titled them all yet, so they are list my number, in the order of when I did them. They are all for sale.

Number 2 6x6 Oil

Number 3 6x6 Oil

Number 4 6x6 Oil

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Two New Dogs

Cody, 8x8 oil. This is Cody done from a picture that looked pretty darn close to how the painting came out. Cute dog but the owner liked the black and white one of Cody below.

Cody, 11x14 oil, I used black, white and truant gray, which is a gray made up from colors the manufacturer has left over, in this case it is Gamblin oils.This oil is normally free and all you have to do is ask your art store if they have any.