Saturday, June 30, 2012

View from the Backdoor

View from the Backdoor, oil 6x6. I thinks this is one of the photos I got from my friend Mary looking out her back at the sky in Bend Org. Not sure.. I need to check, I am getting a bit overwhemed and I am not even half way through the 50 paintings. Oh my.

Coast Hwy Farm

Coast Hwy Farm, oil 6x6. When driving hwy 1 south towards Santa Cruz from Davenport there is a view of some sort of farm, which seems to be just shapes ..very cool, and where I can see the ocean and far across I can see Montery coast line. What a view. I have tried to do this in a few brush strokes very loose. I like this one.

Sundown Seascape

Sundown Seascape, oil 6x6. This is from an edited photo, which I tried to keep loose. Up close it is loose at a distance it is tight......Can you see things in the clouds...I can

The Crack in the Mountain

The Crack in the Mountain, oil 6x6. This is a landscape I see a lot when driving on hwy 1 or hwy 101, the cracks in the mountain. Not sure what's going on, what's there, but I see this shape. I have painted theme a lot, I like the abstraction of it.


Alone, oil 6x6. I am not too sure about this one, this is from a photo I edited and this one might be edited out. I plan on doing more then the 50 paintings and then editing and editing ......

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Mountain in the Sky

The Mountain in the Sky, oil 6x6. This is from a photo, once again simplified a sketch done, trying to just get down paint stokes and shapes.

Forest in the Fog

Forest in the Fog, oil 6x6. This is from a photo I had, which I edited and did a sketch of. Fog is hard and not always reads right. I painted a bigger painting first, which read really well worked great. I then did this smaller one, which doesn't read as well, but is still a fun little painting.


Gray, oil 6x6. This is from a photo I had, which I cropped and did a sketch of. Doing the sketch I can come up with shapes and obmit the details. Simple strokes and shapes.

Trees Under a Clear Sky

Trees Under a Clear Sky, oil 6x6. This is also from my mind, the many times I see trees as shapes, colors and shadows.

Path to the Clouds

Path to the Clouds, oil 6x6. I painted as a larger painting, which sold. This little painting is from my mind, it is a view I see many times when I work out at Ano Nuevo State Reserve, it is the path out to the beach, but it could be the path to anywhere.

Dark Cloud

Dark Cloud, 6x6 oil. This is from what I saw one day while driving on the freeway, I had no photo or sketchbook, so when I got back to my studio, I did a a quick sketch. The oil is also what I consider a quick sketch, big brush stokes, simple shapes and very loose.

Pink Cloud

This is my first painting for the 50-50 show. All paintings are on 6x6 panels and are done in oils. I paint on black so each panel has been painted black. This is a skyscape of what I saw on a late afternoon drive on hwy 680 going to Walnut Creek. Very loose brush strokes and simple shapes.