Tuesday, July 31, 2012

50 Paintings in 50 Days

50 Painting in 50 Days by 70 artist, there are 49 paintings here all oil and all on 6x6 panels. The 50th painting will be framed and hung on the side along with a bio and other information. I still need to edit and arrange these. I have done a few in addition to these so I can move things around.
This was a lot of fun. Show goes up on August 18th, opening is August 24th and a closing show on Sept 30.

Sailing on the Bay, oil 6x6. This is from a photo that my friend Carmencita gave me, she took it from her sailboat. which they take out on the bay each week. I need to find out her name...the boat I mean.

Two Friends, oil 6x6. This is one that I did to replace the one palm tree done eariler that just really bugged me. I like this better. I replaced it earlier but it is not in the photo with all the paintings above.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Mexico Sky

New Mexico Sky, oil 6x6. My friend Lynnae posted a photo of her New Mexico Sky, she lives in such a great place. I edited the photo and came up with my view. I think she took this when Colorado was on fire a month or so ago. Very limited pallet and very loose strokes.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Almost There

The West, oil 6x6. I have been to this area many times and this is what I remember seeing.

Three Cows, Two Trees and a Cloud, oil 6x6. This is something I have painted before and see a lot when driving on highway 1. Those cows that only look like shapes, those trees that are shapes and blocks of color. How come those cows don't fall off the mountain......

San Lusio Obispo, oil 6x6. This is a very high peak in San Lusio Obispo called Bishof Peak, looks like a cartoon.

Three More

River Glen, oil 6x6. This is the park around the block from my house, where my son played baseball....years ago.

Going Home, oil 6x6. This is a from a picture I took going from my studio back home. There was a full moon and it was very cloudy...the street light made everything orange, black and orange, strange.

Pigeon Point, oil 6x6. This is from a photo I took out at Pigeon Point Light house, which is on highway 1 between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay. If you are there at the right time you can see whales go by.....didn't put them in.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Looking Up

Looking Up, Oil 6x6. My fellow artist friend Carol brought this great photo back from her trip to Yosemite, I asked her to look up and get some pictures, she did.


Bailey Tree, Oil 6x6. This is from a photo I took of an oak by Bailey Road.  

Dot Farm, Oil 6x6. This is from an image I see when riding on one of the California highways. That farm pass all the yellow what-ever they are growing way in the distance. I called this dot farm, because while the oil is still wet, I put a stamp into and pull of the paint, one of my favorite stamps is that of dots....who knows what they are growing could be dots.....

Sunday, July 22, 2012

More and More

Race Street, Oil 6x6. This is what I saw the other night when coming out of my studio, the sky was filled with crazy clouds. I took a photo with my cell phone, what a wonderful thing to have.

The Bay, Oil 6x6. My friend Carmencita has been posting a whole lot of photos on facebook for me. This is one she sent, she and her husband sail the bay each week. This one reminds me of an old black and white movie, very moody.

2 More

Oil, 6x6. Someone sent this photo to me, which I edited a bit. The colors on this one were unreal, like most things in nature, orange, blue and a dark blue purple, wow

Oil, 6x6. This is a dark painting reminds me of early morning when the fog is still there, but going out.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Three More....

Ocean Farm, oil 6x6. This a shapes of the farms I see by the ocean when traveling on hwy 1. Just shapes as I speed on by. SOLD

Night Light, oil 6x6. This is from a photo my husband took one night when the clouds were colors.

Woz Way, oil 6x6. This is from a photo I took at the intersection of Woz Way by the Children's Museum. All the lines are the light rail turning the corner. Once again very loose and just shapes.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Little Hill

Little Hill, oil 6x6. This is from a photo I took a few weeks ago, there are small and big hills over off of Bailey Road in San Jose. Great rolling hills with those yellows and greens that change every week or so and really change in from winter to summer. I was hoping to see a cow or two, but none in the photo. Painting 29 our of 50.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Paintings 28,27 and 26...still more to come

Palms In the Sky, oil 6x6. This is from a picture I took at Ventura, Ca Harbor, where my sister lives. This is painting number 26/50. 

Ano Nuevo Island, oil 6x6. This is from a photo I think my friend Carmencita sent me, taken on the main land looking at Ano Nuevo Island at dusk, strange shapes and colors. Carmencita sent me a whole bunch...I'm loosing track. This is painting number 27/50.

Fog Coming, oil 6x6. This is from a photo I edited and painted a year ago. That painting was bigger and sold, this is taken from the same photo, but now 6x6. I love the limited palette and abstract shapes. This is painting 28/50

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lights at Night

Lights at Night, oil 6x6. This is a view I see when driving one of the highways, where you can see lights coming from homes or who knows what, just off in the distance along the ridge line of the mountains. You see them for just a moment not ever knowing just what they are and what is going on way up there......never stopping. 25 out of 50

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Beach

The Beach, oil 6x6. This is from one of the many photos I took at Ano Nuevo. The photo is simplified and the small painting is very loose. Painting 24 out of 50.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Half Dome

Half Dome, oil 6x6. A fellow painter Carol went for a week to Yosemite, I told her to take some photos looking up, for my 50 painting in 50 days. The theme being Skyscapes or what you see when you look up a bit. You look up a bit at Yosemite and you see Half Dome. The color in her photo was wild, the sun was hitting the top half and the other parts were in shade....
Painting 23 out of the 50.

Coit in the Fog

Coit in the Fog, oil 6x6. This is from a photo I had that I edited. I normally don't paint city scapes, but I thought I would try my hand. I tried to keep loose with blocks of shapes and colors.
This is my 22st painting out of the 50 paintings I am doing for the 50/50 show....wow. This show should be great, 50 painting in 50 days, by 70 artist...all doing different types of art with different themes.

Looking up the Cliff

SOLD Looking up the Cliff, oil 6x6. When driving to Ano Nuevo there is a cliff I see by Waddell Creek, I painted a bigger 20 by 20 painting from a photo I took, this is from the same photo.  I broke it down to shapes and colors with loose brush strokes.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

River Glen Park

River Glen Park, oil 6x6. This is the park right around the corner from me. I went out there one day with a friend and painted with a pallet knife what I saw. This is a take off from that painting, but done with loose brush strokes, the red behind the tree is an elementary school, which I did not paint, but I did add a colored shape, could be anything. Just another note, when looking at this after posting this I went back to my studio and changed it a bit, and re-posted works better for me now.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds, oil 6x6. This is from a photo I took when driving from Sante Fe to Taos New Mexico. I am not trying to capture what the photo did, but what it feels like when I paint it, with loose brush strokes and abstract shapes.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Two more Skyscapes

SOLD Yellow Lupin, oil 6x6. This is from what I see when I am out at Ano Neuvo, the trails during spring and summer are full of yellow lupin,

Shasta Sky, oil 6x6. I have been requesting skyscapes from everyone and anyone I know. This is from a photo that my friend Nancy sent me of a sky by Shasta lake. I have simplified and made the photo a bit abstract. Very fast and loose, brush stokes without blending the oils.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

After Peets

After Peets, oil 6x6. Before I go to my studio in the morning I get a coffee at Peets. One day the sky was cloudy and as I walked to my car I from the back of Peets I looked up from the parking lot and saw these shapes. Breaking it just down to shapes and color this is how I saw.

Work in process and The Mountain

This is a photo of how I'm working. The 50/50 show gave all artist 50 6x6 panels for the show, all 70 artist have the same size and format to start with. Each artist has a theme, and they are all doing different types of art. Should be very cool.

The Mountain, oil 6x6. This is from a photo I took from my phone when I was on my way to San Lusio Obispo, the Mountains have all these lines, and shapes and all kinds of greens.

Rows to the Clouds

Rows to the Clouds, oil 6x6. Once again a minds view of what I see when I am driving the highways through California's farm land. All kinds of abstract shapes.

Looking up at Portola Pastures

Portola Pastures, oil 6x6. A few time I went out to paint at Portola Pastures, a horse ranch off of hwy 280, none of the outside paintings worked out, but I did take a great picture. The picture has been used many times. In fact a few students have also painted from the photo. This is very abstract and the orange is of my own creation, but the structure and shapes  comes from the photo I took.