Tuesday, July 31, 2012

50 Paintings in 50 Days

50 Painting in 50 Days by 70 artist, there are 49 paintings here all oil and all on 6x6 panels. The 50th painting will be framed and hung on the side along with a bio and other information. I still need to edit and arrange these. I have done a few in addition to these so I can move things around.
This was a lot of fun. Show goes up on August 18th, opening is August 24th and a closing show on Sept 30.

Sailing on the Bay, oil 6x6. This is from a photo that my friend Carmencita gave me, she took it from her sailboat. which they take out on the bay each week. I need to find out her name...the boat I mean.

Two Friends, oil 6x6. This is one that I did to replace the one palm tree done eariler that just really bugged me. I like this better. I replaced it earlier but it is not in the photo with all the paintings above.

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